#OTR50 Day 61: 17 Years Times Two

No dog pics today – but I’ll do that soon since it seems to be popular for my readers 😉

On a serious note, my youngest children turned 17 today. That’s right . . . 17!

The most amazing thing about my babies turning 17 is the obviousness upon which this marks how time is extremely variable in how it passes.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought the twin bundles of happiness home and into our lives. I remember with such clarity sitting on the bed holding one newborn. The other in my wife’s arms and our eldest sitting and looking on in wonder. Our then 2 ½ year old looked at each of us and counted in a bit of a mumble. The kid then shouted out proudly at the end, “Now we are 5!”

The pride and joy of the toddler at both their skill with counting and the happiness at being and older sibling was a snapshot in memory moment.

While the kids have had their natural ups and downs in the sibling relationship, they still all generally love each other. . . even when driving each other nuts.

Nevertheless, we now have two 17 year-olds plus one kid closing in on 20. Some of those years have been a snap of my fingers and over. Others have been agonizing journeys where days took forever to turn into weeks.

And looking back, it now seems unbelievably fast.

I am moving forward through time at a speed of one second per second. I know this to be true because I have lived every second at that speed. And yet, it seems to me that I’ve also jumped 17 years into the future where my newborns have become young adults that amaze me by being fully themselves in new ways every day, month, and year.

304 Days to go.

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