#OTR50 Day 59: Dog Photo Prompt*

I’ve been using the WordPress “Discover” feature every few days and have run across several writers prompt pages that use various photos and/or graphics. I decided to try using one of my own images as a writing prompt just for me.

She whined and fussed, trying to make herself understood. Life would be so much easier if only her people could learn Puppy. Luna had spent many months learning their language. She knew so many words and she always tried to learn more.

Sometimes she thought they understood, but they’d get it wrong. Luna would earnestly ask to play and they would think she wanted to snuggle. She would ask for an ice cube and she’d get water.

Luna whined one last time hoping the human would understand that she did just want to snuggle and was rewarded as a space was opened up for her on the crowded sofa. She snuggled into the blanket and fell fast asleep dreaming of parks, toys, and chasing her friends.

306 Days to go

* Photo Prompts like these are prompts for myself using my photos or images taken and fully owned by family members who have given me permission to use these photos as my own.

These are not intended to be photo prompts for other writers.

Want to know more about Luna and Cagney?

Please follow their tags on this blog!

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