#OTR50 Day 48: Delayed Fandom Gratification

I watch almost no television at the time it is broadcast. This has been true since my kids were little … so let’s take a wild guess and say for about 15+ years. There are a few exceptions of course. The news on weekend mornings. The Today Show while shuffling kids out of the house in the morning. The occasional real-time Jeopardy. This week is certainly interesting.

A perfect example of my delayed television timing is that prior to about 6 months ago I hadn’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. I caught up over several months. However, even now with Season 8 Fever and fandom discussions everywhere, I still haven’t watched a single episode in real time as it’s broadcast.

The same thing is true for movies. I’m almost always behind the times.

I’m thankful for streaming in order to be able to catch up on all the Marvel Movies I missed over the years. My inner comic book geek revels in the weirdness that what I was outcast for loving as a stream is now completely mainstream.

This evening after a day spent cooped up in work meetings, I got home in time for dinner and also early enough to catch the not-quite-latest Marvel movie in the theaters.

Technically, I’m in better time than usual as I am sitting here in the theater waiting for the credits to Captain Marvel to end so I can watch whatever next teaser the producers will give me about Avengers Endgame. It will be days, weeks, or months before I watch it. We’ll see what happens.

The bottom line, I saw the crowds and people shoved together waiting in line to see it opening day weekend. That was me in my teens and twenties. Me now? I’d like to see it in the theater. However, I’d prefer if I can reserve my seats and not deal with fighting a crowd. I’ll wait it out.

We’ll see what happens.

PS: I LOVED Captain Marvel. She rocks! 

317 Days to go

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