#OTR50 Day 43: Betting on Spring

Luna, enjoying 2018 flowers in our backyard!
Photo Note: Yes. Yes, I did find a way to add a Luna pic into a non-puppy post. 

Every year in the late summer or early fall, I plant several new flowers or plants. Last year, it was bushes: two hydrangea, two roses, two lilacs, and one hybrid something I can’t remember. Winter then covered the yard in a snowy blanket, freezing rain, and bitter cold.

It’s always a gamble to determine what will survive on its own. We have never been great at the follow through proper care with yardwork and I’m not much of green thumb. Planting is truly a type of gambling. What will make it and survive the weather and lack of attention.

It appears, both hydrangeas and one of the rose bushes were not hearty enough. The lilacs have grown about three new leaves each. While they survived, it doesn’t look like they thrived enough to produce flowers. Apparently, my odds were not very good this year.

On the upside, there’s a good chance that the three bushes that did survive will need very little care and attention in order to grow for years.

That is the kind of gardening that works for me.

322 days to go.


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