#OTR50 Day 38: Patience

Another day spent that was supposed to be a vacation day with very little in the way of vacating going on. Household chores, phone calls to driving schools, legal paperwork activity, etc.

I did sneak in lunch with my eldest kid and spouse as well an acupuncture appointment and a small evening thing.

However, almost an entire day spent adulting. Why is that so very time consuming?

I usually would wish for more hours in the day to get things done. Today, I realized, I don’t really want more hours in the day. I want certain thinks in life that fall under the “adult chores” of being in the world to be easier, less time consuming, less complicated, and less stressful.

To get a simple court document today, I had to visit two different offices and a payment window – all on different floors. And, I still have to go back tomorrow to get the documents.

Why is there more stress in teens and adults in the US then ever before

Because living in a divisive world is hard.

Because getting through it with a positive attitude is harder.

I focused on being nice to everyone. Using my kind words. Respectable. Polite.

Inside. Inside I wanted to tear my hair out at the bureaucracy.

Bottom line, we have this tendency to create institutions that make being an adult take a specific type of effort and silence. Hold it in. Be patient.

Thank goodness for acupuncture.

327 Days to go

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