#OTR50 Day 32: The Dreaded Cone

This week has been about juggling all the usual stuff along with the addition of keeping Luna’s spirits up. The poor baby was attacked by another dog resulting in stitches in her ear as well as a drain near a puncture wound in her neck.

When she first came home, she was so very sad. Bumping into everything and startled every time she was approached from the blind side. After about 24 hours of complete pitifullness, her usual chipper personality re-emerged like the toddler she is. (pun not intended.)

The good news is that the drain is out and she’s back to her playful self even though she still struggles to find a comfortable spot and has been scraping against every doorway she passes. We are hoping she will be cone free by early next week.

There is a reason for this interlude into Luna land. (Other than the excuse for puppy pictures.)

Staffordshire Terriers, Staffys, Pitbulls. Whatever name you give them, they have such capacity for love. They are incredible emotional responsive, sweet, and sensitive animals. They respond to human affection and are known for being emotionally neediness.

We chose a Pitt Mix to train into a service dog for all those reasons. Although Luna is on a break from her more intensive training because it is honestly a LOT of work for me, this entire ordeal is exactly why her breed was right for us.

She is sweet and loving with every human and dog she meets. She even made everyone new who met her at the emergency vet fall in love with her sweet disposition. In pain, startled, and bleeding — she was busy kissing her hellos and wiggling her behind with her happy tail.

Luna covering the keyboard. Dogspeak for stop working and snuggle please.

The dog that attacked her was also a Pitt Mix. But here’s the difference, the owner was an @#%|#!. Even when our dog-park regulars and friends told him to leave the park, he was not nice. He did not say anything to my spuse and kid to apologize for his dog jumping Luna. When the other humans at the park tried to talk to him, guess what he did? He cursed and yelled at the helpful people whose dogs all play well together.

When there is a pet dog with a bad disposition. It is never because of the breed. It is not because the dog was “born that way” or any similar nonsense. It is because some human treated the animal poorly. Some human was awful to the animal and/or all the other people in the household. Dogs learn the same way children learn. They need love and they need rules that make sense.

It’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the human handler. Granted, I won’t let Luna near that other dog ever again and if I see that dog and handler, I will not be a nice human. But I firmly believe it is the human owner’s fault.

In the meantime, I’m going to get off my soapbox. I’m going to go check on both my pups and wish them a good sleep.

333 Days to go.

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