#OTR50 Day 25: Neurodiversity in Spring

Following my post regarding Autism on Day 23, I wrote this thing. I let it sit with me for two days. I’m not sure if its finished yet. I think it might still be a work in progress. I’ll just leave it here for now and come back to it again in the future.

Neurodiversity in Spring

For many. . .
Spring is a renewal, refresh, revamp
Flowers sprouting, opening, welcoming
Cool mornings, warm days, misty evenings
Two minutes more of sun adding up daily
Each day bringing some new awakening
Short sleeve freedom
Running. Jumping. Basking.

For some. . .
Spring is wet and messy
Unwelcome weeds disrupting a plan
Unreliable and uncomfortable temperature changes
A scheduled twilight shifting later and later
Every day some unpredicted blooming
Bare arms missing a protective layer
Curling up. Shielding.

For some,
Winter was dependable treescapes
Months of stillness and stability
Spring is an emotional tempest
Months of inconsistence.

340 Days to go.


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