#OTR50 Day 21: Why Dogs?

I had a revelation on Friday. I was explaining to a friend how my “cheat posts” about the dogs were getting the most hits and likes. We were discussing how both those posts began as a way to get around overwhelming writer’s block.

Then the epiphany hit. The dogs are not so much a Plan B writing topic as they are always a subject of interest.

The love of a dog toward their human is the simplest kind of love. It is beautiful and endearing in it’s purity.

It is sweet and kind and can make even the worst day better.

I have many people in my life that I love. Human love is complicated multifaceted, and layered.

Our pets? The emotions are simpler.

There is not enough simple in the world today.

My falling back upon posts about the pups when I have writer’s block is not so much a Plan B. It a reversion back to simple and safe.

344 Days to go.


One thought on “#OTR50 Day 21: Why Dogs?

  1. Yes, simple and safe, like hot chocolate with marshmallows or coffee, something to read or watch and a sweet puppy snuggled next to you.
    Think I need to have an occasional grandpuppy


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