#OTR50 Day 7: Apprentice Yourself to Hope

I am using today to introduce you to a few writers who I have only recently started following because they have inspired me within the past year. They may not be on your radar . . . yet. I hope that you will also find something about their writing that motivates you on a personal level.

I suspect I’ll need do this every so often . . . because I am absolutely certain that every time I make some recommendations like this, I will feel guilty for having not included someone!

Friends who are writers, please keep this in mind and don’t throw any tomatoes my way!

Maggie Smith, Poet. She’s here on @WordPress via maggiesmithpoet or on twitter via MaggieSmithPoet. She’s also in the middle of a 365 writing project. I’ve found her daily goals to be inspirational, funny, and touching. Follow her now.

She is also the inspiration for this post and its title because of the amazing goal she wrote that truly took my breath away:

And on a totally different note, I have to give a shout out and thank you to Molly.

I might NEVER have found Maggie Smith if not for my good friend Molly McCluskey. Follow her and read Diplomatica. She’s such a wide talent with many forms of writing in her belt. You can start connecting with her work by getting in tune with the hidden history — political and social — of diplomatic buildings in Washington, DC.

While on the subject of politics and history . . .

David Hogg and Lauren Hogg of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Siblings, Parkland Survivors, and co-authors of #Never Again. (Related to this, if you have never read about the woman for whom MSD was named, go here: Marjory Stoneman Douglas on Wikipedia.)

Regardless of your political leanings, follow the Hoggs, Gonzalez, Deitch, etc. (Not leaving any off on purpose. Just starting with the Hoggs because of their book.) These kids — who should not be dismissed as children — will be changing the face of American Society and Politics. They are worth reading.

Let’s round out this evening with Glory Edim and Well Read Black Girl. And yes, this one is kind of a cheat because it is a compilation. But hey, you can let me off the hook. Follow @wellreadblkgirl and you’ll discover more amazing authors.

When writer’s block hits, there are many supposed cures. For me, the best bet is to go read something that is either escapist fun or inspirational. Clearly, I will have to follow this post up soon with something more of the escapism variety. For now. . .

358 days to go.



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