#OTR50 Day 5: Adulting is Hard

It is March and I’m pleased to say that I’ve mostly kept my New Year’s Resolution. I resolved this year to plan a day off after every business trip to recoup and prevent burnout. Almost all the times I travel for work, my meetings are scheduled over the weekend. In the past, I’ve ended up jumping right back into whatever my regularly scheduled meetings are upon my return.

The trick is planning so as not to accidentally fall into the 12 days in a row trap.. This year, I’ve planned ahead and scheduled the day after travel as a day off. It has mostly worked. And I’ve used the day off to recoup and take care of things that must be done in life.

Because here’s the reality… What did I do with my miraculous extra day?

I napped. I unpacked. I did laundry. I refilled the dog food containers. I cleaned out the fridge. I then washed the containers that had been in the fridge. I did catch up on some television while doing these chores. Granted, while I sat on the sofa catching up by streaming, I caught up on some work email, scheduled a few appointments, and completed a few doodle polls.

The list of things I wanted to get done around the house today that I didn’t do is longer than the list I did. Par for the course for days off and weekends.

I’ve been a reasonably responsible adult since I graduated college back in 1991. There is one thing I have learned with certainty. Adulting is hard.

Planning isn’t just a work skill, it’s a life skill. Without it, adulting is even harder.

More on that in a future post. For now, I’m going to do the adult thing and get some sleep. However, I will leave you with a note of wisdom from the meme master that brings me laughter. Hats off for Nanea Hoffman. I recommend following the wit and wisdom of Sweatpants & Coffee.

360 days to go.



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