#OTR50 Day 3: On a lighter note. . . Dogs!

Today was a travel day riding on the exhaustion that was 6 days of little sleep and extensive networking on-site at SXSW. To put it mildly, I’m wiped out.

As such, I’m giving myself permission for a lighter share today.

These are by far not the cutest pictures of my two, but these snaps are both from this evening. Plus, they are spot-on examples of just how expressive and emotionally responsive dogs can be.

I dub the Cagney expression here, “Why did you leave me?” and the Luna sadness is, “Why are you snuggling Cagney and not me? Come over to the bigger couch please!”

I have lived very few years of my 49 without a dog in my life. Being a dog parent is absolutely part of my story. I am one of those people who will delete an app over photos of my dogs when my phone memory is full.

In addition, my phone absolutely has more photos of my dogs then my kids. Granted, two of my three kids are in full-on “don’t take a picture of me” mode.

362 more days to go.



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