#OTR50: On the Road to 50

Here goes!

It is 11 March 2019. Today marks 49 years for me on planet earth. I have been thinking about what this means to me and about me for a few weeks. Every birthday is a milestone. For me, there is something about this one that awakens a sense of thoughtfulness in both self-reflection and outward-analysis.

In 365 days, I will celebrate a half-century.

I have many thoughts on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This is no surprise to those who know me well offline, or “in real life” as we say within our digital world. However, as I think about my digital or written self, I have not shared this side of myself.

I have silly stories, tragic tales, dramatic experiences, happy occasions, random anecdotes, and snippets of poetry that all add up to the chronical that is my life until now. . . and I am ready to share some of them out loud.

I’m committing in this moment to capturing in words, pictures, and musings my journey of both self and community discovery as I travel through time on the road to 50.

We can get there together at the speed of one minute per minute. This post literally marks day one 5 minutes before the stroke of midnight.

364 more days to go.

PS: On day 12, I added an index. 😉

PS #2 – everything on this site that is not otherwise credited is original writings, muse, poetry and song verse by me. In other words, it is protected and not yours. If you steal it, I have the power of WordPress data behind me so save yourself the legal battle and just ask permission.

© 2019 Randi Sumner


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