#OTR50 327-365: The End and Yet So So So NOT the End

Well, tomorrow I turn 50 and the road to 50 will be over. Even though I did not write daily, I did write…. and I don’t plan to stop.

I paused significantly because I’m tired. Truly, deeply, and madly exhausted on levels I didn’t know I had in me. I keep on moving because I’m also me. Resilient and driven.

I’m also filled with a mental energy that started years ago and hasn’t stopped. I’ve been scribbling and noting tidbits and partially written ideas as I did in my youth on old fashioned paper…. and also thanks to my relatively new and fancy Rocketbook.

I hope to form some of these ideas into something for others to read soon.

In the meantime, this poem has been slowly manifesting for quite some time and then simply spilled out this evening like a river of words pouring from the faucet of my mind into my fingers.

Although titled, “The End” it has nothing to do with my #OTR50 theme ending. It has nothing at all to do with my birthday. It does, however, have everything to do with my love of fantastic writing.

The End

I am filled with a sadness

A sense of loss

It is not overwhelming

It is not inexplicable

Yet it surprises me

I fell in thrall slowly and completely

My soul attached to the ideas and the thoughts of another

Each page turning like a day rotating around the sun while getting to know your story

I learned the ins and outs of your family

The ups and downs of your love life

And finally, the tale of how everything you did and everything you were led up to the moment I dove in and pulled you into my mind, my thoughts, my heart.

Now I am filled with a sweet sadness because your story is finished

There are no more pages to turn

No more lessons to learn

You will never leap from the pages and join us for dinner and laughter

There will be no cocktails and conversations

Your author is done with you and I wanted more

Photo prompts are by me and for me.

1 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner