#OTR50 63: Avenue Q

Another weekend gone forever. It was one filled with many of the usual weekend activities. Some family time, laundry, cleaning, shopping, gardening, driving kids to things. However, we did also go into New York today to see Avenue Q. It’s closing in two weeks so I’d nabbed us some discount seats. I did not love it, but I did laugh out loud a few times and that was what I was hoping from the show.

Songs I enjoyed included, It Sucks to be Me, What Do You do with a BA in English, and There is Life Outside Your Apartment.

Also, seeing as how the show is 15 years old, I very much appreciated some of their “current events” add-ins to their closing For Now number.

Yes, I am one of those people who seriously enjoys musical theater and will add these songs to my current music app for a bit. This show did not make it into my list of shows I’d see more

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