#OTR50 Day 60: Dog Photo Prompt 2*

Lessons from Luna: Change Can be Scary

Luna was nervous. She didn’t understand why the humans were moving all the furniture. Why was her favorite seat going outside? Was she supposed to snuggle on the front lawn now? What? Why!

She demanded an explanation. She barked at them to please stop moving everything! They shushed her. It was so confusing.

Then the big men arrived with the new sofa. She was so surprised! It smelled a bit funny and she was nervous. It didn’t seem right. The chairs didn’t smell like her people anymore. It was just weird and different.

Then, big sister Cagney jumped up and tested every new piece of furniture. She sniffed around and sat down on the chair, the sofa, the other chair. She layed down and rolled over. She seemed safe. Cagney lay down as if to rest.

That was the reassurance that Luna needed. If it was safe for Big Sis, it would be safe for her. She jumped up ont he chair, the sofa, the other chair. She curled up into a ball, she stretched out as long as she could stretch and she still fit on the big couch!

She was pleased with her people, this new furniture was so much more comfortable than the old chairs. It would all be ok. She should have remembered that she could trust her people to take care of her. Finally, she curled up around one of the pillows and the blankets that still smelled like her people and settled in for a nap.
Change can seem scary and strange, but sometimes it is nap-worthy. And, nap-worthy is high praise from a puppy’s perspective.

305 Days to go

* Photo Prompts like these are prompts for myself using my photos or images taken and fully owned by family members who have given me permission to use these photos as my own.

These are not intended to be photo prompts for other writers.

Want to know more about Luna and Cagney?

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